The Goods North Project

Preliminary LOFAR Image of the Goods North field

Preliminary GOODS-North image obtained using 10 MHz of bandwidth from one 10 hr observation at 38 arcsec X 36 arcsec resolution. We measure an rms noise of 1.7 mJy/beam with less than 2% of the data available. The image has been obtained after applying direction-independent calibration only.

Chairs: Valentina Vacca (OAC INAF)

Deep radio observations are a key instrument to probe extragalactic source populations across a variety of environments and redshifts. The GOODS North project aims to deliver the most sensitive low-frequency polarization survey of this controversial field. These observations will be complemented by data at other radio frequencies and in other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum already available in literature, to address a number of scientific aspects covering different environments, from our Galaxy, to other galaxies, up to the cosmic web.